Revolutionizing Global HR Solutions: The WorkMotion-Scatalyst Partnership.

Elevating Workforce Management: A WorkMotion Case Study

Discover how WorkMotion’s cutting-edge solutions dramatically improved time efficiency, elevated the precision of contact data, boosted the number of discovery calls and meetings, and significantly enhanced business revenues.


Weekly hours saved


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About WorkMotion

WorkMotion has established itself as a pivotal player in the global HR solutions arena, redefining the approach to talent acquisition and management. This innovative platform transcends traditional boundaries, offering a comprehensive suite of services that empower businesses to onboard, manage, and pay teams in over 160 countries swiftly and compliantly.

The platform’s prowess extends to personalizing talent contracts, allowing companies to expand their presence while maintaining their brand identity, especially in Europe and beyond​​. WorkMotion champions the idea of unrestricted talent acquisition, with solutions designed to hire, onboard, pay, and manage remote talent efficiently, all accessible through an intuitive dashboard.

At its core, WorkMotion embodies innovation and compliance, reshaping how businesses engage with global talent and setting new standards in the HR tech landscape.

WorkMotion’s Challenge

As a startup, WorkMotion venturing into the EU market faced unique lead generation challenges, particularly due to their current stage with limited resources and a lack of established contacts. They faced the uphill task of building brand recognition in a new and highly competitive environment, where their lack of local market understanding and absence of a pre-existing network significantly hindered their efforts.

Given their resource constraints, executing large-scale, diverse lead generation campaigns was challenging. Furthermore, understanding and adapting to the local business practices, cultural nuances, and stringent legal requirements of the EU market was crucial for their success.

This scenario necessitated a strategic and focused approach, possibly starting with smaller, more targeted efforts. Leveraging sales channels and forming local partnerships were key strategies. Tailoring their messaging to resonate with the EU audience, while navigating the complexities of the market, were critical steps in their journey to establish a foothold in the EU.

Establishing Brand Recognition in EU

WorkMotion encountered the practical hurdle of building brand recognition and trust in the EU market. This involved a significant effort to communicate their unique value proposition to potential clients who are unfamiliar with their brand.

Creating a Contact Network from Zero

The startup was starting without any pre-established contacts in the EU region, necessitating a substantial investment in time and resources to develop a prospect list from the ground up.

Adjusting to the Specifics of the EU Market

WorkMotion was navigating the complexities of understanding and adapting to the unique business culture, practices, and legal nuances in the EU region, which was crucial for developing effective lead-generation strategies.

Dealing with Limited Resources

With constraints in manpower, budget, and technology, WorkMotion faced practical difficulties in executing wide-reaching or varied lead generation campaigns in Europe.

Building Local Partnerships

WorkMotion was working on forming strategic local partnerships, a vital step for building credibility and referrals, especially challenging without an existing network or presence in the EU region.

Tailoring Communication for the US Audience

The startup found it challenging to refine its communication and messaging strategies to align with the cultural and regional preferences of the EU audience.

Scatalyst’s solutions for WorkMotion

The Results

Our integrated approach, combining strategic advisory, data-driven insights, and local market expertise, was instrumental in establishing WorkMotion’s presence and driving its expansion in this new territory.

“Scatalyst’s services redefined lead generation for us. Their approach was budget-friendly yet highly effective, delivering quality leads that really converted. It’s personalized, efficient, and exactly what we needed”.

Carsten Lebtig

CEO, Workmotion

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