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The ROI of Weird: Unconventional Outbound Strategies We’ve Used to Drive Results.

B2B buyers are tired of the same old sales pitches. If you want to stand out in a crowded market, it’s time to ditch the generic playbook and embrace calculated weirdness.

At Scatalyst, we’re all about shaking up the traditional outbound approach. We’ve experimented with unconventional tactics to capture attention, build trust, and most importantly, generate high-quality leads for our clients. Don’t believe us? Here’s how we’ve used a little “weird” to achieve big results:

Why Weirdness Works (And Why Our Clients Love It)

  • Pattern Disruption: In a sea of predictable outreach, a dash of the unexpected makes prospects take notice.
  • Humanization: We show there are real, creative people behind our campaigns, building rapport and differentiating your brand.
  • Demonstrates Value from the Start: Our “weird” tactics offer a preview of the innovative thinking and results-driven approach we bring to every project.

Our Favorite Unconventional Tactics (and the Success They’ve Brought)

  1. Personalized Video Messages: We ditch the text-heavy emails and send short, tailored videos to introduce ourselves and offer value upfront.
    • Client Success: A software company saw a 30% increase in demo bookings after we integrated personalized video into their outreach.
  2. Interactive Quizzes: We turn qualification into a fun experience with interactive quizzes that give prospects insights while gathering valuable data for our clients.
    • Client Success: An IT consulting firm dramatically improved lead quality and shortened their sales cycle with our “Find Your Perfect Solution” quiz.
  3. Gamified Cold Calling: We make cold calling less dreadful and more effective by turning it into a game, boosting both morale and conversions.
    • Client Success: A sales team revamped their cold call performance with our gamification strategies, leading to a 15% increase in closed deals.
  4. Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail: We craft tangible experiences with direct mail that’s tailored to the recipient and ties directly back to our client’s offerings.
    • Client Success: A data visualization company boosted inbound inquiries by 20% with our “untangling your messy data” campaign featuring a mailed tangle of yarn.

Is “Weird” Right for Your Business?

Here’s the thing: weirdness for weirdness’ sake won’t cut it. We follow a few key principles:

  • Understanding Your Ideal Client: The goal isn’t to shock everyone, but to resonate with the right people.
  • Strategic, Not Gimmicky: Every tactic has a clear purpose and demonstrates the value our clients provide.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Creativity is key, but we always track results to refine what works best for each client.

The Proof is in the Results

Our unconventional approach isn’t just fun – it gets our clients serious ROI. From higher open rates to increased lead quality to closed deals, we’re proud to say our “weird” strategies work.

Ready to Embrace the Weird?

If you’re ready to ditch the predictable and explore the potential of outbound creativity, let’s talk. Schedule a consultation with Scatalyst and discover how we can make your lead generation stand out from the crowd.

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