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One-Size-Fits-All Sales is Dead. Long Live Hyper-Personalization!

In the cutthroat world of B2B outbound, generic pitches are the fastest route to the trash folder. At Scatalyst, we believe personalization is the key to cutting through the noise, making prospects feel truly understood, and ultimately, closing more deals.

Stepping Up Your Personalization Game: A Playbook

  1. Go Beyond Surface-Level Research:
    • Company News: Did they announce a new product, partnership, or funding? Congratulate them, then tie it back to how you can add even more value.
    • Content Engagement: What are they sharing, commenting on, or writing? Reference their insights to establish common ground.
    • Mutual Connections: Always strive for warm introductions. But even without one, mentioning “[Connection] suggested I reach out…” increases trust.
    • Tools: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Owler, Buzzsumo to uncover relevant insights.

  2. Write Subject Lines that Stand Out (for the Right Reasons)
    • Hyper-Relevant: “Quick question about your recent [company milestone]…”
    • Social Proof: “[Mutual connection] suggested I connect – they love your work on [topic]”
    • Ditch the Clickbait, Focus on Value: “Saw your post on [challenge]. Have a few ideas that might help…”

  3. Ditch Cheesy Intro Lines, Aim for Impact
    • Lose the “hope this finds you well.” Focus on their priorities: “Struggling to [pain point]? We’ve helped companies like yours with that…”
    • Injecting Humor (Carefully): If it aligns with your brand, a lighthearted “Tired of sales pitches that all sound the same?” can work.
    • The Golden Rule: Always tie your intro back to how you can provide value for THEM.

  4. Social Media: Engage, Don’t Creep
    • Thoughtful Comments: Add your perspective to their posts, spark genuine conversations. Generic “great article!” won’t cut it.
    • Cold DM Strategy: If you must DM a stranger, make it 100% about them, their recent content, etc. Pitching right away is a turn-off.
    • Build Relationships: The goal on social is long-term. Show interest in THEM, not just what you sell.

  5. Cold Calls with a Personal Touch
    • Reference Something Specific: “Loved your recent website redesign – especially the [element]…” Shows you’re not mass-dialing.
    • Tailored Questions: Their role, industry, and current company news should guide your call. Uncover pain points quickly to tailor your value prop.
    • It’s a Two-Way Street: Let prospects talk, actively listen, then adapt your pitch.

A/B Testing to Prove Personalization’s Power

We practice what we preach at Scalyst. Here are a few examples of how personalization moved the needle for our clients:

  • Client A: Industry-specific subject lines vs. generic ones –> 45% higher open rate with personalized.
  • Client B: Company name in email intro vs. “Hope this email finds you well” –> 20% boost in booked meetings.

The Scalyst Advantage

We’re personalization freaks (in the best way possible). We help B2B companies build outbound strategies that feel bespoke, even when scaled. Want to stand out in a sea of boring pitches? Let’s talk.

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