Redefining Digital Shipping: The Dynamic Scatalyst-Easyship Alliance.

Transforming Business Efficiency: A Scatalyst Success Snapshot

Explore how Scatalyst’s innovative strategies significantly saved time, enhanced contact data accuracy, increased discovery calls and meetings, and substantially boosted revenue for businesses


Weekly hours saved


Contacts researched and enriched


Contact data accuracy


Scheduled discovery calls


Successful meetings


Increased revenue

About Easyship

In a dynamic digital era, Easyship emerged as a cornerstone in e-commerce logistics, revolutionizing how businesses approach shipping and fulfillment. This platform is not just software; it’s a growth catalyst, seamlessly integrating diverse shipping needs into one dashboard, serving over 100,000 global merchants.

Renowned for streamlining the shipping for top crowdfunding campaigns, Easyship stands as the go-to partner for ambitious shippers. Their commitment extends beyond technology, offering dedicated support for every client.

At its core, Easyship’s culture is built on respect and diversity, with a global team dedicated to challenging norms and democratizing shipping for businesses of every scale.

Easyship’s Challenge

Easyship’s software, vital to diverse e-commerce businesses, had well-defined buyer personas, primarily targeting logistics managers, e-commerce business owners, and operations heads. A challenge for Easyship was acquiring accurate contact information of these key decision-makers to enhance their outbound marketing strategies.

Historically, Easyship’s marketing and sales teams conducted contact research in-house, depending heavily on digital marketing strategies like SEO, social media campaigns, and e-commerce webinars for lead generation. However, this approach lacked refined targeting and consistency, leading to unpredictability in lead quality at the top of the sales funnel.

Seeking to improve this process, Easyship aimed to partner with Scatalyst which could bolster their contact acquisition, enabling their sales teams to focus more on high-value prospecting with reliable contact data.

Market Segment Penetration

With global expansion, Easyship was struggling to effectively target and engage new customer segments, each with unique local preferences and business practices.

Market Differentiation

In a highly competitive digital shipping arena, Easyship was finding it challenging to differentiate its advanced tracking and cost-effective shipping solutions.

Complex Solution Communication

Easyship’s platform, while comprehensive, was facing challenges in communicating its multi-faceted features, such as automated tax calculations and global logistics integration, in a way that is easily digestible to smaller businesses or less tech-savvy users.

Data Quality and Relevance

As they broaden their customer base, the task of keeping their lead database accurate and relevant was becoming more complex, especially with the fast-changing dynamics of the e-commerce industry. This impacted their ability to personalize sales efforts effectively.

Lead Generation Scaling

Easyship’s rapid growth trajectory is making it challenging to scale their lead generation efforts. They were finding it particularly difficult to adapt their strategies to different market scales, from local startups to multinational enterprises, without compromising on the quality or efficiency of their lead generation process.

Scatalyst’s solutions for Easyship

The Results

The integration of innovative sales strategies and advanced training methodologies proved instrumental in achieving these results.

“Our startup saw remarkable growth thanks to Scatalyst’s tailored sales solutions. The mix of lead generation and strategic advice was a game-changer, and the Revenue Race games truly invigorated our team”.

Douglas Sill

Head of Strategic Sales

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