Maximizing Efficiency, Minimizing Costs: Revolutionizing Data for B2B Success.

Inaccurate Data = Suqandered Time +Money

In the B2B world since 2020, connect rates for outbound calls have plummeted to 2-4%. For SDRs dialing 50-100 numbers daily, this translates to only 1-4 real conversations. The solution? Focusing on quality data to enhance efficiency and outcomes.

Save Big and Boost Connections: Our Data Revolution.

Our data solution offers a 35% cost reduction compared to conventional databases, significantly minimizing unproductive time for your SDRs. Streamline your operations by focusing on meaningful interactions, not unanswered calls.

Top-Tier Leads, Triple-Checked: Accurate and Tailored Data Sets.

We’re not just pulling leads from the top databases; we’re double and triple-checking them via phone, email, and social. This means we’re handing our clients nothing but 100% accurate data, tailored perfectly for any custom project you’ve got cooking.

Our Data On-Demand Process


Manual Verification

This process is vital to our outreach operations. Our data teams meticulously check all contact information, enabling your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to use all their time effectively to contact individuals who are still employed in the same roles, available at the same email addresses, and have active phone numbers.


Channel Verification

Precise contact details is just the beginning. Sales Development leaders need to focus on contacting prospects through their preferred channels. Scatalyst’s data teams identify these channels by engaging with prospects across multiple platforms, determining where they are most responsive. Call those who answer, email those who read, email users, and connect on LinkedIn with those active.


Market Verification

Approximately 92-97% of your target market isn’t looking for your services, prompting SDR teams to focus on engaging willing buyers, nurturing potential prospects, and disregarding unlikely clients. Our data teams aid this by surveying to identify clients either acknowledging their need for your service or open to vendor talks within six months.

Further Insights into Market Verification

Participants of our survey receive a tailored report summarizing the results, enabling them to understand the stance of their counterparts on challenges and solutions.

Leads identified as ready for the market and open to contact are directed to your sales teams. Equipped with insights from the survey, your sales teams can engage these prospects with a well-informed strategy.

The nurturing of potential leads falls to the SDR teams. Their role involves either initiating discussions with prospects or fostering relationships for future sales opportunities.

As for those who didn’t respond to the survey, they can be either temporarily set aside or placed in a soft nurturing process, keeping them in the loop for potential future engagement.

Transform your B2B strategy with Scatalyst’s precision data solutions

Dramatically reduce costs and increase efficiency by leveraging our verified, accurate data for effective engagement. Join successful businesses in reshaping B2B strategies for remarkable growth.