Driving Construction Sales Success: The Building Radar-Scatalyst Partnership

Revolutionizing Construction Lead Generation: Building Radar-Scatalyst Success Story

Discover how Scatalyst’s targeted strategies accelerated lead generation, improved data quality, and significantly boosted sales for Building Radar, the AI-powered construction industry lead generation platform.


Expansion into New Territories


Increase in Leads in New Markets


Accuracy in Regional Market Data


Reduction in Market Entry Time


Growth in Revenue from New Regions

$1.8 mil

Pipeline Generated (New Markets)
Scactalyst | Building Radar| Case study

About Building Radar

Building Radar is at the forefront of sales technology for the construction industry. Their AI-powered platform identifies early-stage construction projects, providing businesses with the advantage of pursuing lucrative opportunities ahead of the competition.

They offer a streamlined approach to lead generation and sales optimization, empowering suppliers, contractors, and architects to make data-driven decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Building Radar’s commitment to collaboration and innovation is woven into their company culture. This dedication drives them to break down traditional barriers and make cutting-edge sales intelligence accessible to the construction sector.

Building Radar’s Challenge

Building Radar’s sophisticated lead generation technology offered vast potential for businesses across the global construction industry. However, expanding into new geographical markets presented a set of unique challenges, especially given localized market dynamics and regional variations in construction practices.

Initially, Building Radar’s growth strategy primarily focused on established markets. While successful in these regions, entering new markets required a nuanced approach to address specific regulations, competitor landscapes, and varying receptiveness to technology adoption.

Building Radar joined forces with Scatalyst, seeking our extensive experience in market entry strategies, data-driven insights, and B2B sales expertise to fuel their expansion goals.

Understanding Regional Specifics

Each new geographical market presented unique regulatory requirements, construction practices, and decision-making processes. Navigating these complexities was crucial for success.

Adapting Value Proposition

Building Radar’s messaging needed to resonate with the specific pain points, technology adoption rates, and buying behaviors prevalent in each new market.

Localized Competitor Analysis

Identifying key competitors within each new region and understanding their strengths and weaknesses was essential for Building Radar to position their solution effectively.

Data Availability and Accuracy

Sourcing reliable and up-to-date construction project data, along with relevant contact information for key decision-makers, posed a challenge in less established geographies.

Market Receptivity

Accurately gauging the level of technological maturity and openness to AI-powered sales solutions in various markets was essential for optimizing resource allocation.

Scatalyst’s solutions for Easyship

The Results

The integration of highly personalized outreach strategies, informed by in-depth market insight, along with sales training tailored to the construction industry, were key to achieving these results.

“Scatalyst was a true partner in our market expansion journey. Their expertise in localized market intelligence and strategic guidance allowed us to successfully navigate new territories and establish a strong foothold in the global construction industry.”

Paul Indinger

Managing Director

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