Scatalyst: Igniting Startups at the Intersection of Ambition and Innovation.

Our Journey: From Humble Beginnings to Sales Mastery

In 2020, amidst a world of uncertainties, Scatalyst was birthed with a singular, unwavering purpose: to redefine the paradigm of sales. From our first client interaction to the countless success stories that followed, our journey has been nothing short of transformative. Join us in reliving our story.

2020: The Genesis

Despite challenges, our debut year saw a 150% sales boost for our premier client.

2021: Gaining Momentum

With strategic depth, one startup under our wing hit a stellar 7-figure milestone.

2022: Setting Benchmarks

Setting industry standards, we escalated a client’s global sales by an impressive 300%.

2023: Towards the Future

Utilizing next-gen tech, our AI approach halved cycles, elevating conversions by 200%.

What Drives Us

At the core of our ethos is the unwavering resolve to see our clients thrive. Our team, drawn from the finest talent across the globe, is united by a shared passion to elevate business outcomes. As we’ve grown, our commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences and measurable success has remained constant. The satisfaction of witnessing our clients’ victories is the fuel that propels us to surpass expectations each day.

Our Culture

As a distributed company, it is important that our team members share the same values that our company was founded on. These values serve as our north star and are ingrained in everything we do.

Our Values

  • Build trust through actions
  • Never be afraid to fail
  • Understand other perspectives
  • Value transparency
  • Strive for simplicity
  • Stay curious
  • Have integrity
  • Do the right thin

Meet the Masters: Our Incredible Gurus

Delve into the personalities shaping our triumphs, as these three remarkable individuals revolutionize the landscape of sales training. Their insights go beyond geographical boundaries, forging a worldwide community defined by excellence.

Scott Leese
CEO & Founder Scott Leese Consulting

Josh Braun
Founder, Braun Training

Founder and President, A Sales Growth Company

Our Proudest Partnerships in 2023

This year, we celebrate our most impactful collaborations, each marked by groundbreaking achievements and shared visions. From revolutionizing fintech in East Africa with Flutterwave to transforming healthcare services with Patrum Health, these partnerships stand as beacons of innovation and progress.

Flutterwave & Scatalyst: Trailblazing Uncharted Territories in East African Fintech

In an unprecedented alliance, Scatalyst joined forces with Flutterwave, Africa’s foremost payments technology titan, to launch a revolutionary client acquisition crusade.

Patrum Health & Scatalyst: Catalyzing Sales Growth in Healthcare Services

Uniting in strategic collaboration, Scatalyst allied with Patrum Health, innovating in healthcare services, to embark on a transformative market expansion and client engagement mission.

“Lighting the path to success, Scatalyst embodies the spirit of innovation and the relentless pursuit of growth.”

Our Trusted Allies

Empowering Success Through Collaborative Partnerships.

Accelerate Your Growth with Scatalyst’s Sales Mastery.

Our approach is customized to your unique business needs, ensuring a journey of consistent growth and remarkable achievements. Join the ranks of our successful partners and witness a dramatic transformation in your sales outcomes.